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Automated Market Making for Sports Betting
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We optimize Deployed Capital in Sportsbetting markets

24/7 Price Origination

We deliver dozens of real time APIs to our clients for +EV price origination in sports betting markets and cryptocurrency.

Liquidity for BEtting MArkets

We help partners deploy large scale capital into betting markets and extract profit for shareholders with our automated trading platform.

Capital Management

We manage our shareholders latent capital in a tax optimized betting fund and trade in betting markets to ensure maximum ROI.

Automatic MArket Making

We provide automatic line movers for select partners that protect against sharp bettors without having to ban or limit them.

Our Business

World Class Originators

Highwater Technologies uses modern statistical decision theory at scale to predict outcomes in exotic markets with limited data and liquidity.  Our firm takes on the R&D challenges of manufacturing data features that provide significant financial edges in exciting modern sports betting prediction markets.

Sports Betting Origination API

We profit-share with select high net worth sports betting partners by providing an automated, 24/7 uptime market maker to deploy liquidity and robots that take advantage of rapidly changing market conditions.


UpModel API Performance Metrics

We Direct Capital into US Markets

With our unique relationships developed with brokerages and syndicates, Highwater is able to give recommendations on best prices before information disseminates into sports betting markets.  To date we have raised over $0.6 million since April 2021 and direct deployment on $100,000-$200,000 per day of clientele's betting capital. 


per day deployed

High Yield Return (Dollars)

Sports betting markets deliver a consistent return when capital is deployed with early information and fast real time updates to a prediction market's state.  We combine bottom-up origination with superior market signalling to gain superior edges for our partners.

58% ROI

2021 FundB (MLB)

Consistant Yoy REturns (Units)

We generate a return against the Pinnacle closing line of 4% YoY on the dollar staked averaging a total return of around 50-70% on principal a year on scaled volume.  For every dollar of volume we return 4% return on stake bet over every match with about 30% of games being unbet due to market precision.  

4%+ ROS

All matches bet

MArket Coverage 

Sports And Markets Covered


Moneyline | Totals | Spreads

NFL Football

Moneyline | Totals | Spreads

NBA Basketball

Moneyline | Totals | Spreads


Moneyline | Totals | Spreads

College Football

Totals| Spread


50+ years market making experience


Stephen A. Rothwell

B.sc Econ|Math|PhySics, M.sc statistics

Stephen specializes in mathematical optimization and applied statistical decision theory.  He worked as early employee at Amazon and D-Wave Quantum Computing.  He has exited 2 companies in the sports betting space as well as going public with Fansunite Entertainment Inc in 2020 as their first hire.  His role is to build machine learning pipelines and provide the origination engine for the trading team.


MArtin Bailey

B.EnG Software Engineering

Martin is a tech entrepreneur and software architect specialized in scalable functional programming.  He exited his company Karma Insurance in 2019 and went public with Avigilon in 2011 where he was instrumental in creating the software that powered the world's first high-performance multi-megapixel video surveillance systems.  His role is to build robust architecture which handles thousands of concurrent machine learning models.


Joe FOrtuna

B.SC Kinesiology

Joe "Tunes" Fortuna is a highly respected sports betting market maker and has run one of the largest US based betting hedge funds for the last 20 years.  Appearing multiple times in international media,  Joey has successfully built up an elite worldwide network of business contacts and partners in the betting/trading space.  Joey's role at Highwater is to lead and execute the trading function as well as develop business relations with our partners.


NEWS & Updates

Highwater Technologies is Born.

Highwater launches its new technology which leverages experience in high-yield sports betting market making. Our goal is to provide the most valuable data to take advantage of the sports betting marketplace and its inherent inefficiencies.


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Please leave us a message any time.  We generally get back to partners within 2 hours and general inquiries within 48 hours time.  For any requests about investment and partnership please refer to the company general email below.

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